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Jehovah's Witnesses. What To Know About Dating A Jehovah Witness.

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Jehovah's Witnesses have very strict dating rules. The more zealous a Jehovah's Witness is, the more serious they are about the dating rules and proper etiquette.

Casual dating for example, is not ok. The purpose of dating is marriage. Jehovah's Witnesses who date are ready, willing, and able to marry someone. They are seriously looking for a mate.

Before they start dating, they must be in a position to get married, - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. e.g. parents would not likely let their under age son or daughter date if they don't have a job and are still going to school.

An exception might be if there is an adult chaperone or perhaps double dating, but even this would be looked down upon, because someone who is not financially stable and ready to get married should not be dating. If they're not ready for marriage, they shouldn't be dating.

Can Jehovah's Witnesses Date Non Believers?

Jehovah's Witnesses obey the Apostle Paul who said, 'Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?' 2 Cor. 6:14

Here's what the Watchtower says, 'when necessary, a loving friend will kindly remind a companion about Jehovah’s standards. (1 Cor. 7:39) For example, what would you do if you noticed that an unmarried friend was becoming emotionally attached to an unbeliever? . if your friend ignored your counsel, what would you do? A good friend would seek the help of loving shepherds in assisting a companion who has taken a false step.' WT, Oct 15, 2009, Article: 'Maintaining Friendships In A Loveless World', Subtitle: 'Maintaining Good Friendships', par 20 (Note: the term 'loving shepherds' refers to JW Elders.)

Even though Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are Christians, it is not alright for them to date or marry a Christian who belongs to another religion. Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in dating people outside of their religion because dating is supposed to lead to marriage, and Paul told early Christians not to be 'unevenly yoked', i.e. they should not develop close friendships and partner with unbelievers.

Regarding marriage to non believers, the Watchtower says this, 'Jehovah warned of the dangers and consequences of bad associations. For example, concerning the nations that the Israelites were to dispossess, Jehovah commanded: “You must form no marriage alliance with them. Your daughter you must not give to his son, and his daughter you must not take for your son. For he will turn your son from following me, and they will certainly serve other gods; and Jehovah’s anger will indeed blaze against you.” Dueteronomy 7:3,4 . Similarly, Christians guard against forming relationships with those who might weaken their faith. (1 Corinthians 15:33) We are admonished: “Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers,” ', WT, Dec 1, 2006, Article: 'What It Means to Love Our Neighbor', par 9

Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are spiritually enlightened and their religion is God's channel of communication. All other faiths are thought to be false and dominated by Satan the Devil. Watchtower Sept 1989

Therefore it's not likely that a dedicated, baptized Jehovah's Witness who wants to get married, would consider someone who is not an equal. A baptized JW who loves their religion, would always date another baptized JW (of the opposite sex of course).

Therefore it's not alright to date non believers. Does it happen? Of course. Some even marry someone outside of their faith. Not all JW's are 'spiritually strong' and not all are baptized

Should I Date A Jehovah's Witness?

If you're not a Jehovah's Witness, dating a baptized JW is far different than dating someone from any other religion.

  • They are 'separate from the world'.
  • They are politically neutral.
  • They can't vote.
  • They can't pledge allegiance to their country. (See Flag)
  • They can't attend other churches.
  • They can't celebrate holidays.
  • They don't believe in sex before marriage. - not even romantic foreplay that leads up to sex, .
  • Look at some of the things they can't do

A JW who wants to get married might date you if a suitable JW is not available. However it will be looked down upon by their family, friends, and their community of believers. They will want you to come to meetings and study with them. This alone can be a strain on your developing relationship especially if you're happy with your life and don't want to be a JW.

If that isn't enough, they also have a very negative outlook about people who don't believe in the same things they believe in. They believe that 'armageddon' is coming soon and everyone will be destroyed by their God Jehovah, unless they sign up and join their religion. JW's don't believe they are going to heaven unless they're part of the 'anointed class'. After armageddon, JW's believe they will live forever on a paradise earth.

Because of these strong, fairy tale beliefs about eternal life in God's kingdom, - even if you're successful in getting a 'yes' for a date, there will be constant pressure to study 'the Bible' (i.e. their literature and religious doctrines), AND become a dedicated, baptized JW.

Instead of being saved based on their relationship with Jesus, their religion has unwittingly become their symbol for salvation. According to their beliefs, the only way you can survive armageddon is to join their organization.

As much as you might like a JW, it's always best to date someone else. Read all the articles on this website. Most people are not aware of what they're getting into when they want to become friends with a JW. Find out what they believe in first, - before you date someone from this faith. A few hours of your time can save you a lot of pain and heartache.

By the way, the chances of you persuading a baptized JW to leave is slim. Even if they physically leave, it can take months, years, decades, and perhaps even a lifetime to undo the mental programming JW's receive. Some never recover. Unless they get professional help, they may live their entire life unhappy, depressed, anxious, without hope, . and filled with guilt. See Mental Illness

When someone has lots of emotional baggage, it doesn't make for a happy, satisfying relationship. See Religious Traps

If you want more specific rules on dating and marriage, read their Elder's manual, 'Shepherd the Flock of God'

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